Topicals and Antiseptics


The primary purpose of antiseptics and ointments is to provide on-the-spot treatment to disinfect injuries and to stop the growth of microorganisms that cause infection. As the nature of minor wounds varies, it is important to offer employees a selection of products, providing an alternative in case of allergic reactions to particular ingredients.

ZEE has a variety of self-administered products that allow employees to attend to their injuries promptly and enable them to return back to work, resulting in optimal productivity in the workplace.

ZEE offers three convenient applications for topical first aid:


Cream-based ointments are designed to deliver soothing treatment for painful wounds, and allow individuals to specifically control the amount of product needed. Apply just a dab, or use more as desired.


Treatment sprays provide fast, effective treatment with no clean-up. Just spray on the affected area for convenient, even coverage. NOTE: ZEE’s aerosols contain no CFCs.

Swabs and Wipes

Swabs and wipes are ready-to-use, disposable towelettes, which provide a mild abrasive cleaning action, premoistened with just the right amount of antiseptic.


Thermal Burns

Chemical Burns

Electrical Burns

Thermal burns are caused by contact with open flames, hot liquids, hot surfaces, and other sources of high heat.

Chemicals burns occur when the skin comes in contact with chemicals or other irritants.

An electrical burn is caused by heat produced by an electrical current.

Clean Wipe: Cloth-like wipes are saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Perfect for cleaning skin around wounds, scrapes, or cuts to help prevent infection. Individually sealed foil packets.
#0203 50 per box
#0270 100 per box

Antiseptic Wipes: Clean wounds when alcohol is not appropriate, or when soap and water are not available. Contains benzalkonium chloride to help prevent infection. Individually sealed foil packets.
#0204 50 per box
#0271 100 per box

3-In-One Antibiotic Ointment: Helps to fight infection when applied on an ongoing basis to existing minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Effective combination of bacitracin, neomycin and polymyxin B.
#1801 25 per box

First Aid Cream: Multi-purpose first aid cream immediately soothes and treats minor scrapes, cuts and burns. With moisturizing aloe.
#1825 40 per box

Hydrocortisone Cream 1%: Provides temporary relief from minor skin irritations, itching, and rashes due to eczema, dermatitis, insect bites, poison oak, poison ivy, soaps, detergents, and more.
#1817 25 per box

Neomycin Antibiotic Ointment: Single-ingredient ointment to prevent infection related to cuts, scrapes, and burns.
#1812 25 per box

Blood Clotting Spray: Unique medicated spray stops superficial bleeding, forming an instant, protective barrier gainst infection.
3 OZ

Spray-On Bandage: Covers simple cuts and irritations with an antiseptic protective coating. Clear and washable.
3 OZ

Instant Cold Spray: Ease pain and reduce swelling caused by minor burns, bruises, and sprains. Non-medicated and contains no CFCs.
3.5 OZ

First Aid Antiseptic Spray: Helps prevent infection while relieving pain from minor cuts and abrasions. Washable and non-staining.
2 OZ

Isopropyl Alcohol Spray: Convenient, easy-to-use spray to sterilize instruments and treat minor wounds. Helps prevent infections.
2 OZ

Burn Relief Spray: Water soluble, non-staining antiseptic for anesthetic treatment of minor burns.
2 OZ

Hydrogen Peroxide Spray: Convenient, easy-to-use spray treatment for minor cuts and scrapes. Helps prevent infections.
2 OZ

Alcohol, 70%: Sterilize instruments and prevent infection from open wounds with alcohol treatment. Use with cottons balls or swabs for easy application.
#0200 - one pint
#0201 - one gallon

Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%: Disinfect minor wounds with hydrogen peroxide. Use with cotton balls or swabs for easy application.
#0211 - 8 OZ
#0212 - 16 OZ

P.V.P. Prep Pads
#0272 - 100 per box