General First Aid

Emergency Blanket: Multipurpose 70% wool blanket can be used for many emergencies—treating shock, smothering flames, extracting victims, elevating legs/head, or maintaining body temperature. 62" x 80"
#3006 - Disposable Emergency Blanket 54" x 80"

Sharps Disposal By Mail System®: Includes Sharps container, government-approved return by mail system, and instructions for use. Sharps Disposal By Mail System® helps you comply with federal, state and municipal regulations, reduces employee handling of medical waste, requires no contract, and provides convenient, responsible disposal.
#3024 - quart
#3025 - one gallon

Cotton Tip Applicators: 100% cotton tip swabs for the application of ointments and creams.
#0501 - Non-sterile 3", 100 per vial
#0504 - Non-sterile 3", 1000 per box
#0505 - Non-sterile 6", 1000 per box

Compact pocket-size first aid guide provides essential information for administering first aid.

Ice Pack: Chemically activated instant ice pack for application of cold therapy. Achieves maximum cooling temperature in seconds and stays cold for 15-20 minutes. Excellent for treating sprains, strains, and bruises. Individually packaged and easy to store.
#2354 - one per box

Splinter Out: Quick, simple splinter removal tool.
#3537 - 10 per pack

Instant Hot Pack: Instant hot pack for application of heat therapy. Helps soothe aching muscles and tension.

Disposable Forcep: The forceps are disposable to maintain sterility. Easy use and easy clean-up for excellent wound care.

Foreign Object Removal Kit: Contains splinter probe, Dumont forceps, eye magnet, and loop. Comes in an attractive and convenient case.

Bandage Scissors: Easily cuts elastic tape, dressings, and bandages.
#3522 - Stainless steel, 5 ½"
#3524 - Stainless steel, 7 ¼"

Sphygmomanometer: For dependable and rapid diagnostic monitoring of blood pressure.
#4357 - Large Adult Sphygmomanometer

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope: Eliminates the need for different stethoscopes for infants, children, and adults. The variety of special head sizes permits reception of acoustical responses in the low, medium, and high-pitched range.

Emergency Scissors: Cut through clothing, webbing, or belts. Lightweight and compact. Ideal for emergencies.

Disposable Thermometer: Individually wrapped disposable thermometers help reduce the risk of cross infection or reinfection. They require no special storage conditions, batteries, covers or recalibration processes. NexTemp thermometers and packaging contain no latex and are non-toxic.
#2520 - eight per bag

Also Available from ZEE

Wire Loop Handled Scissors#3521

Operating Scissors

Tongue Depressors

Splinter Tweezers

Splinter Tweezer with Needle

Eye Magnet and Loop

Disposable Penlight

Electronic Sphygmomanometer

Splinter Probe

Splinter Tweezer with Magnifier

Diaphragm Stethoscope