Workplace First Aid Delivery Service

We supply first aid, safety and training solutions specifically designed for your business, to keep your workforce healthy and to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Every ZEE cabinet is customized to fit your unique needs so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your workplace is ready to handle all your first aid needs.

    Major and Minor Injuries

    Items such as compresses, gauze, antibiotic creams and ice packs help treat minor injuries and serious injuries until medical help arrives. Providing a variety of antiseptics, including sprays and ointments, allows workers to treat their minor injuries according to their needs and preferences. A wide variety of shapes and sizes of bandages ensures that workers have the comfort and durability they need to keep minor wounds protected.

    Burn Injuries

    The ZEE cabinet contains Burn Spray as well as Water -Jel® Burn Jel®, a unique treatment for minor burns that immediately cools the burn and draws heat away from it, to prevent further damage to the skin.


    Over-the-counter, non-drowsy, single-dose tablets help to prevent minor annoyances such as allergies, headaches, indigestion, or cold symptoms from becoming a major drain on productivity.

    Eye Injuries

    From eye flushing solution to eye drops for irritated eyes, these items provide relief and reduce the risk of incurring more serious damage to the eyes.


    Items such as gloves and antiseptic wipes protect workers against bodily fluids and cross contamination.

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  • Being Prepared and Well Equipped Can Make All the Difference.

    When it comes to protecting the health and safety of your employees, ZEE has the experience and expertise to deliver the best reward in the business... your peace of mind.

    Industry insiders and government regulatory agencies have documented significant ROI for companies with preventative and responsive programs.

      - For every dollar you spend, you can expect a return of $4 to $6, according to OSHA.

      - Over 17,000 workplace injuries occur everyday in the U.S. The average cost of a workplace injury is $28,000.

      - Annual Workers’ Compensation claims paid by American businesses total over $60 billion.

      - The Harvard Business Review reports that presenteeism — when workers are on the job but not fully functional due to illness — is at least a $150 billion problem.

      - A nationally recognized health and wellness company, Advance PCS, states that a worker, on average, loses 115 productive work hours every year due to health conditions.

    ZEE Impacts Your ROI

    We tailor solutions that:

      - Help prevent injuries.

      - Minimize lost time.

      - Help employees to be more productive when they are on the job.

    ZEE is committed to providing you with unmatched service. With a fleet of nearly 1,000 vans, we deliver first aid solutions regularly to businesses and organizations throughout North America. ZEE works with you – from restocking first aid cabinets to identifying risks in your workplace. After all, your employees are the most important and valuable asset to your organization. Making decisions about their health and safety is a significant responsibility, and it’s important that you have access to the right resources to make the best possible choices.

      - With over 50 years of experience, ZEE understands that the time, energy and money you apply to workplace health and safety is also an investment in your business.

      - Like every investment, you can expect and receive a return from your partnership with ZEE – in dollars and in productivity.

      - Our custom products and solutions are designed to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and improve employee morale across your workforce.

    We start with a thorough knowledge of industry regulations and requirements set forth by agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We stay up to date with compliance requirements for all types of businesses, so as a ZEE customer, you can rest assured that you have access to the most recent and complete information, equipment and training.