The fact is, nobody expects an emergency or disaster at work. But they happen every day and can affect your workplace anytime, any place.

Do you have a plan? With ZEE Medical as your partner, you can be prepared to handle virtually any emergency. Your employees’ safety may depend on it.

Be ready for a workplace emergency with a complete range of first-responder products from ZEE. A rapid response during the critical minutes of or after an accident, injury, or illness can help minimize the potential of permanent disability and even save lives.

ZEE offers a variety of splints, stretchers, drench stations, and fire items, as well as a complete range of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and resuscitation devices. No workplace solution should ever take the place of professional emergency services, but being well-prepared can help maximize your local emergency medical team’s effectiveness.

Your ZEE Representative can help you to identify potential hazards within your workplace. Then, we’ll work with you to select, install, and train your workforce on the proper use of emergency equipment and supplies.

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ZOLL is a resuscitation solutions pioneer, preferred by emergency specialists and first responders around the globe. Their advanced, state-of-the-art instruments can be found in over 140 countries.

Bradley On-Site Eye Wash
The Bradley On-Site Eye Wash has a clear tank to monitor the drench fluid easily. The portable station can be quickly transported or relocated based on the needs of your facility. Choose from three convenient mounting option.