Bloodborne Pathogen Response

Infection Control Kit: This convenient, refillable kit should be mounted at all first aid stations to accompany your full-size cabinet. Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030 (d)(3).

Sharps Disposal By Mail SystemŽ: Includes Sharps container, government-approved return by mail system, and instructions for use. Sharps Disposal By Mail SystemŽ helps you comply with federal, state and municipal regulations, reduces employee handling of medical waste, requires no contract, and provides convenient, responsible disposal.
#3024 - quart
#3025 - one gallon

Sharps Containers: Dispose of sharp objects safely and effectively. Units snap together, permanently locking with tight seams between the bases and covers. All lids feature a needle removal key. Puncture resistant translucent red walls make identification of fill level easy. Optional Mounting Bracket and Key available for SharpSentinal. Meets applicable ASTM and OSHA standards.
#3094 - one quart
#3095 - five quart
#3096 - three gallon
#3098 - WALL BRACKET (for #3095 only)
#3099 - WALL BRACKET Key (for #3095 only)

SharpsSecureŽ: Sharps containers in public facilities offer proper disposal and protect employees from accidental needlesticks. The SharpsSecureŽ System provides not only a sharps container secured in a tamperresistant metal cabinet, but also transport and proper disposal for the filled container. Meets OSHA and USPS standards. SharpsSecure collection cabinet mounts on the wall. The sharps container housed inside collects needles dropped through the opening in the top. Remove the sharps container when full and replace with an empty unit. Mail the filled container for destruction in the postage-paid box provided with the refill container (#3024).

Bodily Fluid Disposal Kit: Provides the basic essentials for handling and cleaning of bodily fluids to prevent accidental exposure to bloodborne pathogens. May be used to replenish the Infection Control Kit.