ZEE Tablets

Employers can rest assured with the benefits of ZEE tablets.

By providing properly labeled products that comply with applicable regulatory requirements, employers decrease the risk of improperly shared prescription medications and cross-contamination from shared over-the-counter retail medications.

  • ANSI recommendations are not met if the first aid kit contains OTC medication in a bottle with individual tablets, contains ingredients which are known to cause drowsiness, or in packages that are not tamper-evident.
  • ZEE's workplace comfort tablets come in single-dose, tamper-evident packages with proper directions and warnings, according to FDA regulations and ANSI Standard Z308.1-2009 "Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits."
  • ZEE's comfort tablets use many of  the same active ingredients found in national brand equivalents.

Trust in ZEE Medical to provide workplace solutions that help keep your employees productive in a healthy and safe environment.






Your Return on Investment

  • Even the common cold results in an average of 8.7 lost work hours per episode.
  • If an hourly employee remains productive for just one day because their symptoms are effectively relieved, the savings to an employer can cover the cost of a complete line of ZEE tablets.